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Berburu Kuliner Masakan Indonesia di Luar Negeri

Berburu Kuliner Masakan Indonesia di Luar Negeri - Culinary taste of matcha or green tea in recent years has become a trend in itself. It occurs in various countries around the world, including in Japan, the country of origin of green tea.

In fact, not long ago a fan of green tea in the presence of Sakura spoiled with culinary innovation of the new green tea flavored green tea potato chips.

Reported Rocketnews24, Koikeya Japanese snack company was the first to launch the creation of this unique potato chips.

The potato chips that went on sale in the market on October 26, 2015 and it was getting a taste of matcha green tea grown in Kyoto. The company named Morihan who supply matcha to make the potato chips. Morihan is in fact not an unfamiliar name in Japan because it has been known as a company that processes green tea 19th century.

To add flavor, potato chips were also given a sprinkling of salt. A mixture of the two materials was often presented as a friend to eat tempura at a variety of restaurants with a menu of gourmet food.

This is not the first time Koikeya meluncuran potato chips other than others. Previously they also bring potato chips flavors of banana, peach, steaks to sandwiches.

Kreasi Masakan Padang Yang Mudah

Kreasi Masakan Padang Yang Mudah - Paint the wall give the final touches are charming in every home renovation process. Unfortunately not many people who know the right way to choose colors so they prefer safe color like white.

Choosing a color be a scary thing for some people, but it does not hurt to play colors for the interior space. For that try the basic principles in choosing a paint color as reported on the My Home Ideas following:

Understanding Color

Important to start with the basic theory of color. Note on the color wheel, grouped in primary colors such as red, blue, and yellow. Then note the secondary colors that blend with primary colors such as orange, green, and violet. Finally, see how tertiary mixed color such as yellow and orange, blue and violet. Complementary colors lie on opposite sides of the color wheel is green and red. When combined, each color will be mutually reinforcing. While the colors side by side in the color wheel will usually look good when combined.

Define Objectives

Currently strong colors like trying to think again, because this will make the whole room would be a little excessive, think of ways to make strong colors only as accents, such as separating the walls of the furniture.

Color Warm or Cold

Warm colors in the color wheel are red, yellow and orange, while the color which gives the impression of cold is green, blue and violet. In the color palette, select a color from the group as a counterweight. For example, blue for bathroom accessories can synergize with the color orange. Golden yellow color in the kitchen could look festive with green color of cutlery.

Go Lighting

After understand color theory and color preferences, learn how to play with light in the house. For several days trying to observe the natural color and artificial colors in the space that will be replaced paint. Where the direction the house faces, whether to full sunlight during the morning or afternoon, and how light affects the room throughout the day. Choose two colors derivative, one brighter than the others. Apply the lighter color on the walls are most often exposed to the sun, it will add to the effects of light in the room.

Flatten Color

When selecting colors for a room that is connected, such as a kitchen and a dining room or living room, to create colors that could unify the room. One of the easiest ways is to flatten the paint as the doors, windows, ceilings. Color such as white or off white or brown is the right choice.


The most cutting-edge way to connect the space is to use a similar color palette. Both walls, furniture to curtains can select the color palette blend of colors, such as green and yellow color although the opposite but both can complement each other.

Neutral color

Colors such as gray, white, beige and brown and all derivatives are the right choice. Use darker colors for the wall is indented or have an accent separator in space.

Wood and Brick

When there is a section in the house that uses wood or brick, choose a color that is in between the wood or brick. Before buying paint, try applying paint samples along brick or wood to see if the color can be interconnected.

Rabu, 14 Oktober 2015

Cara Membuat Siomay Tanpa Ikan Paling Mudah

Cara Membuat Siomay Tanpa Ikan Paling Mudah - Signs of Sleepiness Unhealthy - Modern society has been accustomed to regard sleep as a form of laziness. A taboo for productivity. People who are drowsy underestimated. Consequently, sleepiness is treated as a disease that needs to be addressed cure.

Though sleepy is a signal the body needs sleep, as well as hunger is a sign of needed food or thirsty that means requiring fluid. Sleepiness is a natural thing. Naturally, if the lack of something we have to meet those needs, and not replaceable. Yes, until now no one any substance that can replace the restorative effects of sleep.

The sleep process that build and repair the body. He gave new energy, new spirit even new cells. All body systems will be disrupted so sleep was interrupted.

Basically we will be sleepy when deprived of sleep. But sleep deprivation should be understood as a condition. Lack of sleep can be caused by lack of sleep duration, or poor sleep quality. Poor sleep quality, not only in the sense of sleep that is not often known to the public as napping. Poor sleep quality seen in the form of excessive sleepiness despite sleep duration is sufficient.

Excessive sleepiness or hypersomnia sleep lead to serious diseases such as narcolepsy or sleep apnea / snoring.

Sleepiness may accumulate and get worse. Before getting worse and cause disruption in productivity and health, it helps us recognize how the signs of sleepiness that is not healthy.

Aka bullet stuck delay is a term commonly given to the person who is easy to sleep. So put my head on the pillow, no less than 5 minutes, someone was asleep. Whereas early sleep (sleep onset), which normally is 10-20 minutes.

Drowsiness will trigger impulsive behavior. People who are in a state of sleep deprivation easily provoked. Ability to make decisions also declined considerably. Look, every time shopping at midnight sale, or browsing an online store at night, we tend not to think long to shop.

Lack of sleep makes it difficult to be creative when speaking in public. The ability to choose words in a creative and warm attitude will decrease drastically when sleepy. Finally the words that came out was that's it, even seem cliché.

The brain's ability Descending
Without good sleep, memory consolidation process so imperfect. Yes sleep is necessary to keep the memory of someone. Likewise, the control of emotions. Intelligence and emotional maturity determines a person's decision-making. People with unhealthy sleep will be difficult to act rationally.

Drowsiness will increase appetite. Actually it's easy to explain. When drowsiness and lack of sleep, while we must remain active, the body automatically will require additional staff. To that nerve cells in the brain dictating the hunger and desire to enjoy the food salty, sweet and savory. When it hard to control appetite, maybe you're sleep deprived?

Capture power, either in class or reading are also affected by sleep. Lack of sleep makes us slow to understand a subject. As a result, the document must be read over and over again only really understand it. In decision-making was also impressed slow and hesitant.

Konsentarasi bad because, when the lack of sleep, we become careless. Accidentally dropped items, or one push of a button. Quite often we put the vehicle key is not in its usual place. Human motor coordination system so bad. This is why the snorer often sleepy forbidden to drive.

Excessive upset
Emotions become unstable when sleep is not healthy. A study shows that couples who sleep less are more likely to quarrel than enough. While research Univ. Of California mentioned that a couple of people that unhealthy sleep often feel appreciated.

Fall asleep
If drowsy to sleep, of course lack of sleep or sleep disorders suffered very severe. But many people trying to defend it with caffeine or energy drinks. All this is only delaying the stimulant substances drowsiness without restoring the ability of the brain that have been exhausted. The sign is when the atmosphere in a boring or tend to be dark, sleepy people fall asleep.

From now on when experience things above thinking about sleep hygiene. Already it enough sleep? Regularly? Snoring? Delirious? A cramp? Due to increase the consumption of caffeine or vitamins in excess is not the right answer.

Senin, 12 Oktober 2015

Resep Opor Ayam Khas Indonesia

Resep Opor Ayam Khas Indonesia - Husband mentoring Reduce Stress in Pregnant Women - The role of the husband to his wife, who is pregnant is very important. The husband must give attention to the form of assistance, not only during the delivery process but also during pregnancy.

Director General of Nutrition and Maternal and Child Health, Ministry of Health (MoH) RI Anung Sugihantono said, mentoring husband may be reducing perceived stress pregnant women.

"Pregnant women that need the attention of her husband. Then of course baseball sufficient health personnel," said Anung in the building of Ministry of Health, Jakarta, Monday (12/22/2014).

Check her husband can accompany pregnancy, delivered to health professionals if there is a problem in pregnancy, to accompany during childbirth. If the husband is busy working, do not forget to always ask how his wife.

Pregnant women who have a personal health issue could be disrupted due to stress. To that pregnant women need friends the story. Stress can make pregnant women develop high blood pressure. It is dangerous for the health of pregnant women.

"Be husband standby. Pregnancy is not only the responsibility of women, but also her husband," said Director of Health Mrs. Gita Maya Koemara Way added.

The Ministry of Health was working with Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa (YCAB) deploy a number of cadres in Jakarta to assist pregnant women. The escort duty to remind pregnant women during their pregnancy, liaise pregnant women and health centers, as well as keeping pregnant women in order not to run out of health care. This is one attempt to reduce the number of maternal and infant mortality

Resep Pancake Terbaru dan Terupdate

Resep Pancake Terbaru dan Terupdate - Prevention of Skin Wrinkles Without Surgery - Wrinkles on the face could come sooner than we thought. Moreover, if during this time our lifestyle somewhat less healthy, such as smoking or accustomed to eating haphazardly.

Although currently available various brands creams and serums to prevent premature aging, and even plastic surgery, we can also prevent the arrival of wrinkles to start doing simple changes.

1. Sleep on your back
Sleep in a certain position the same for many years can lead to the emergence of "sleep lines" on the face which over time will settle in the upper layers of the skin.

Sleeping in a tilted position can cause wrinkles in the skin of the cheeks and chin. While sleeping on his stomach makes frown lines in the brow area. Actually the most ideal sleeping position is supine.

2. Liking fish
Salmon and other sea fish are the best source of protein, one of the builders of healthy skin. Fatty fish is also a source of omega-3 fatty acids. Experts say the fatty acids will keep skin moist, youthful, and prevent wrinkles.

3. Do not flinch
Made the same expression over and over, such as frowning or scowling, will make the facial muscles to work excessively so as to form a groove in the bottom of the crust. Normally the groove will develop into wrinkles.

4. Products containing AHA
Most of the anti aging products containing Alpha-hydroxy Acids (AHA). This substance does help remove layers of dead skin cells that will disguise frown lines on the face, especially around the eyes.

The content of the stronger AHA useful to trigger the production of collagen. But the use of products containing AHA can make skin more sensitive to ultraviolet light, so do not forget to wear sunscreen when going long outdoor activities.

5. Reduce wash your face
Wash your face with water can remove the natural moisture of skin that protects the skin from wrinkles. Therefore, begin to reduce the habit of washing your face with water, unless you use a special soap.

6. Vitamin C
Some studies say creams containing vitamin C can increase collagen production, protect skin from the harmful UVA and UVB rays, reduce dark spots, uneven skin tone even. Even so choose cosmetic products that contain vitamin C which is appropriate, for example, L-ascorbic acid or ascorbyl palmitate.

Resep Lasagna Paling Mudah dan Simple

Resep Lasagna Paling Mudah dan Simple - The red dragon fruit benefits for the health of our body, can be read in full below:

1. The dragon fruit has vitamin B3 compounds, vitamin itself is beneficial for those who have problems of high cholesterol levels, by eating dragon fruit juice or directly can cure your high blood pressure problems. Read also: how to lower high blood pressure naturally.

2. Dragon fruit to help the diet. For those of you who are following a healthy diet with food. Juice of mangoes could be one solution to lose weight problem Almi bdan you.

3. By eating dragon fruit on a daily basis, can help you to overcome the problem of the body's digestive system, so you do not have to be afraid anymore exposed to constipation. How come??? This is because the dragon fruit has fiber that is very abundant.

4. The dragon fruit has compounds abundant beta-carotene, beta-carotene content contained in dragon fruit, do not lose much with beta-carotene content of carrot juice. So for those of you who have health problems as the eye can consume dragon fruit juice regularly, so that your eyes can be well again.

5. The benefits of dragon fruit which then is able to protect your body from free radical attack and distance themselves from attack cancer. This is because the dragon fruit contains anti-oxidants that quite a lot.

6. Dragon fruit can make us appear more beautiful and fresh, this is because the dragon fruit juice is able to overcome the problems that arise in advance of your acne. The way is just smooth the dragon fruit to taste, then use fruit juice to mask nnaga natural acne removal.

7. Vitamin C contained in the dragon fruit can help you to boost the immune system so that you are not susceptible to disease.

8. The existence of a natural content of phosphorus and calcium which allows the dragon fruit can be healthy bones and teeth of your own body.

9. So while the benefits of dragon fruit is the last that will be discussed in this article is, for the health of pregnant women fetus. With regular eating dragon fruit, meaning the mother also participated attention to the process of growth of bones and teeth child later when it was born (child's teeth is not easy Gigis / toothache).

Cara Membuat Kue Nastar Khas Lebaran

Cara Membuat Kue Nastar Khas Lebaran - Fruit that has a sweet and slightly sour taste does have benefits and fans very much. Dragon fruit originally came from countries of Central America, or so his pass coming from the State Mexico.Buah dragon is the fruit of several cactus species of the genus Hylocereus and Selenicereus. Most people think that fruit is considered a blessing coming from China. Perhaps because of dragon fruit is almost always present in any rituals or ceremonies in China. In fact, this fruit originally came from Latin America and then spread to Israel, Australia, China and other East Asian countries, Sri Lanka, and eventually Southeast Asia.

Red Dragon Fruit Benefits
Although Dragon fruit (dragon fruit) comes from Mexico, now is the dragon fruit is very easy for us to meet the market fruit homeland, be it a self-service market, dimall, or a specially fruit seller. This is because the dragon fruit has also been cultivated by individual farmers our beloved country

Dragon fruit itself has two kinds of colors, namely fruit nagamerah and white dragon fruit. But based on the research that has been conducted by experts in nutrition and health, red dragon fruit species was very good for the health of one's body.

But that does not mean the white dragon fruit is not good for health yahh, only the red dragon fruit is more favored in this situation. In order to obtain the remarkable properties of dragon fruit aplenty how. May be consumed directly without having to be processed, but also can be used for healthy juices.